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Launch & Grow your business

Register your business today with business expert advice and tax guidance.

Incorporation, naming, tax, bank accounts and more — all in one place.


Talk to one of our experts on how to turn your ideas into a real business.

You’re just getting started and you’re not 100% certain about what you need to register, what needs to be recorded and how to set your business up in order to avoid problems down the line.

This is where run[incorporate] comes in – we’ll register your business to operate legally, we’ll help protect your new business name and we’ll give you access to powerful software to help you manage your new enterprise on your own. Most importantly, we’ll provide advice on how to comply, manage and accelerate your growth.

We know how critical it is for you to get your business started in the right way. Let our experts build your accounting, tax and legal foundations so you can focus on what you do best.

Includes 20 min consultation call with a business expert & a tax advisor

Advisory on DIY startup accounting and setup

Advisory on shareholder setup


Corporation Setup

Create an entity that will empower you legally and financially. You’ll be able to make better accounting and tax decisions, share profit and power with partners and you’ll be personally protected from whatever happens to your business.

Sole Proprietor Setup

A simpler solution for those that want to start running a legally recognized business. Less paperwork and tax requirements and you’ll be able to tax advantage of numerous business solutions and financial tools.

Tax & Business Advisory

How do I collect sales tax? What forms do I have to fill? Should I pay myself a salary? We’ll provide all the best solutions for you and help you understand CRA compliance and your options going forward.

Shareholder Agreements

Get everything on paper with your partners – we’ll help you set up the financing and document the ownership of your new corporation. Talk to us about how to shareholder agreements will impact your profit-sharing and tax strategy.

Same Day Registration

For those that need to get moving, fast. Our consultants are on hand and available to get you set up so that you can start operating right away.

One on One Support

You’ll be assigned an experienced financial consultant to give you helpful guidance specific to your business. Have more questions? Book a call today.

Why You Should Incorporate?

  • Limited personal liability
  • Lower tax rate & planning opportunity
  • Business name projection
  • Have multiple ownership
  • Easier access to grants and financing
  • Ease in succession planning


Advisory Package

  • Federal or Provincial corp registration
  • 30 min general tax and business advisory call
  • Articles of incorporation with 1 to 2 share class
  • Business name search and registration
  • CRA Business Number



Advisory & Headstart Package

  • Federal or Provincial corp registration
  • Initial 15 min discovery call for special shares setup
  • 30 min general tax and business advisory call
  • Articles of incorporation with Special class of shares
  • Business name search and registration
  • CRA Business Number
  • HST Account setup with CRA
  • Startup DIY accounting advisory



Complete Accounting Setup  – Starting $300
Shareholder Agreement – $699


How It Works

Run aims to help entrepreneurs start their journey on the right foot, from the get go. We do this by setting up your corporation under the guidance of our inhouse professional team of tax advisors and consultants.

We empower you with the right information for success and help you save on potential exuberant start up costs.

Select the package and addons per you business requirement

Select up to four names and Send in your information