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Don’t do your accounting. run[ ] it.

Redefine the way your accounting and business intelligence is managed.

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More time for you to focus on growing your business

Run Accounting combines accounting, tax and advisory services into one seamless package, giving you CFO Value.

Your Bookkeeper

is automated. All pre- accounting work is automated using data extraction technology from paper and transactions are published to the correct accounts.

Your Accountant

is automated. Reconciliations, taxes, reports – set it and forget it. The less time we spend going through documents, the more time we spend talking to you.

Meet your CFO

Now anyone can access the experience and advisory of a qualified CFO – is the value of being a run[ ] client.

faster, more accurate information, less work, more consulting time, for a lower cost

For when your business needs to just run[smoothly]

Our focus is to offer CFO services to everyone- by automating everything up to that point we’re able to deliver better, faster advisory services for less than the cost of full-time accountant. If you can get more for less, why wouldn’t you?

cloud accounting

We provide all our clients with a cloud accounting solution that suits them. Once you experience the power of the cloud, you’ll wish you adapted sooner.

  • Automate Bookkeeping & Accounting Processes
  • Access Data & Reports Anywhere
  • Updated in Real-Time
  • Completely Paperless
  • Reduced time and cost
  • Integrate with other software

experienced advisory

Our goal is to create a seamless hassle – free experience with every client. This means building relationships, not just solutions. A deep understanding of all your business operations – not just financial – helps us provide value.

  • Scheduled Advisory
  • Tax Strategy
  • Special Consulting

newer, better solutions

We work directly with the biggest software developers to help them introduce innovation and improvements. This helps us know what’s around the corner in cloud accounting, automation and integration and create better experiences for out clients. You can look forward to:

  • Optimization & Adaptation
  • Continual Reevaluation
  • Regular Improvements and Updates
less time spent on books, more time spent advising

For your needs in the short and long run[ ]


the Comprehensive accounting package

The ability to monitor real-time current and historic financial data any time, anywhere is a game changer for a growing business.

Our accounting package comes with integrated apps that are user friendly and allow us to make the accounting workflows simplified. Allowing us to offer enhanced reporting, taxation and advisory services.

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Real-time automated bookkeeping takes away the pain of chasing paper and manual data entry. Your workflow is simple and hassle free.

Automated Payroll

Automated payroll, that takes care of all government and employee remittances.

Tax Planning

Comprehensive tax planning and strategies to ensure all available decuctions are availed and your tax bill is low.

Financial Reports

Real time access to financial dashboard and reports.

Financial Planning

Simple and meaningful insights that allow you to manage and grow your business.

Strategic Advisory

At everystep of your business journey, your trusted advisor.

Real-time financial dashboard

Cloud bookkeeping

Notice to reader (NTR) or review engagement

Corporate tax returns

Analytics and business insights

Industry-specific value add-ons

Technology Updates

Regular Advisory calls

Reporting package

Quartelry, Monthly, or Annual

Cloud accounting

Customized Packages

Everything in one package

Fixed monthly fee that covers Everything

it's simple - just give us a call and we'll take it from here

to get to the next step, you just need to run[ ] your business


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run [Accounting]

We set your books up on some cool apps and run your accounting so you can have more time to build your business.

Guidance and Analysis In Accounting and Technology



What does run[Accounting] mean?

Run Accounting concept is based on using technology and automation to put small business bookkeeping on auto pilot. Accounting should be as simple as hitting a start button, and all the number crunching runs automatically. Right now the industry has still not achieved a full 100% automation, but at Run Accounting we intergrate some pretty cool applications to make seamless workflows, that completely eliminate paper pushing and give out real time accounting data to business owners.

How is run[Accounting] different?

Run accounting is not your average accounting or bookkeeping service. We offer the full package!. From a bookkeeper to your CFO, regardless of your size of business, without you having to spend exuberant amounts in professional fees, you have it all. We are able to achieve this by automating redundant tasks, which leaves us with more time to provide higher level advisory, which you value as a business owner. Your books are not looked after by a bookkeeper only, rather a qualified professional accountant is assigned to them.We become your finance business partner.

What is cloud accounting and is that what run[Accounting] provides?

Cloud accounting is the term used to describe accounting and record-keeping using internet-based applications. When you use a cloud accounting system, your accounting data is stored on remote servers, rather than on a hard drive on a local computer or on your bookkeeper’s laptop. Data encryption level is 256-bit SSL/TLS, same as online banking . Cloud apps eliminate the need for transfering of paper based documents, which speeds up accounting processes.

And yes, cloud accounting is what run[Accounting] provides.

My business is relatively small, is run[Accounting] right for me?

Our clients range from very small to Medium size corporation with over $ 10 million annual sales. We understand each business is unique, and we’re committed to creating a customized solution that fits your needs and your budget. If you’re interested in learning more, click the [Start] button and let’s discuss. It’s free and there’s no obligation for you to sign up.

How do I send my documents and receipts?

We connect your bank and merchant processor accounts to our cloud ledgers app for seamless data transfer. So, for the most part, we’ll have all of the transaction information we need to do your books. You submit all your receipts and paper docs via an expense app which uses OCR technology to accurately extract all data. Uploading receipts is as easy as simply taking a picture of it from the phone, or forwarding the soft copy to a dedicated email address.

Where are your accountants located and what are their qualifications?

All of our staff work out of our canadian and US headquarters. We will never outsource any work offshore. Our staff includes trained inhouse bookkeepers and CPAs. Collectively, we have decades of experience supporting small business owners. Our team knows how to serve your business’s unique needs, and they do it very well.