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5 Common Accounting Challenges Faced by Amazon FBA Sellers

Every industry has its pros and cons in regard to performance metrics, financial management, accounting and bookkeeping. And eCommerce accounting carries its share of unique accounting challenges.  In some industries, Accounts Receivables and Margin of Labor can pose unique challenges. For many in the  Amazon

The Ultimate End Of Financial Year Checklist

There are a number of different activities to sort out before the year comes to a close, so we have created a handy end of financial year checklist to help make things a lot simpler.  Before The End Of The Year Business Progress  Review your business progress  It is a good

Reading a Profit & Loss Statement

Usually what drives a business start up is passion, perhaps love of coffee, fashion, design or helping others. There’s a good chance that a part of that passion doesn’t include accounting (unless of course, you’re starting your own business as an accountant or bookkeeper!).   What does this mean?

Work-Related Expenses, what can you deduct

A major portion of your tax planning and tax prep could be work-related expenses. Therefore, it is imperative to understand what qualifies and what does not. Many employees and business-owners (such as those who are self-employed) can claim deductions in their tax return as work-related expenses. But there is certainly some confusion

How to Sell On Amazon in Canada

Canadian eCommerce businesses’ biggest market to sell to is the United States. With access to ten times the customer population, it represents an essential growth channel and lots of competition. However, Canadian businesses face a lot of uncertainty and unpredictable change from the southern border. We’ve